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Tips from our Pros: Fueling up with Modo

Mona B., Business Membership Coordinator since 2005.  


My Modo Neighborhood: Marpole

My Favorite Modo: #408 – Nissan Leaf (electric, of course!)

Where I Modo: Seymour Demonstration Forest trails (in North Van) to run with my best friend.

My tip of the month: Throw away all those gas receipts! (Well, OK, recycle them.)

That’s right, our Fuel Cards – located in the grey pouch beside the ignition – are the best way to fuel up Modo vehicles. Simply use this card at pump (no PIN necessary), gas up and go! No need to submit your receipt.

More tips to ensure success at the pump:

  1. USE Modo’s fuel cards at Esso, Shell, Chevron, Petro-Canada or Superstore.
  2. AVOID Mohawk, Husky and Co-op gas stations (their systems don’t accept our fuel cards). Alternatively, you can pay at any station of your choice and we’ll reimburse you with a receipt.
  3. Always enter a dollar amount (such as $40 or $60).
  4. If you’re having trouble with the fuel card, give Modo a call – most times we can resolve the issue on the spot! 604.685.1393 in the Lower Mainland and 250.995.0265 in Victoria .
  5. Fuel Card still not working? Pay out of pocket, email us a photo of the receipt and include your member number at, and we’ll credit your account.
  6. Did the member ahead of you leave the gas tank below 1/4 full? Take a photo of the gas gauge and send it to us with your booking info at and we’ll be sure to contact them.
  7. Avoid unnecessary Modo fuel fines, by reading up on common member fines.

My best fuel tip advice: When you get into the car, quickly check the fuel gauge at the start of your booking, so you’ll know if it’s your turn to fuel up. It’s often a good idea to fill up the tank at the beginning of your trip before you forget. Remember to leave a minimum 1/4 tank for the next member, so they’re not left dry! Oh ya, and don’t accidentally pocket the fuel card – make sure to return it to the grey pouch.

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Modo Co-operative
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Modo Co-operative
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