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More cars and locations through Vanpool!

Yes, it’s been a while since we heard TransLink’s announcement that it would use vanpooling as a way to get employees of difficult to reach work sites, to and from the job. But where there’s a will, there’s a way! We’re honoured to be partnering with TransLink to create the region’s first micro-transit system, using Modo’s vehicles and technology to power the pilot. And we’re very happy to say the pilot is now well underway with ten “pool” in place at UBC. Yes, that very-hard-to-reach-by-bus, very amazing uni, with thousands of faculty and staff.

Think of it as the perfect marriage between carsharing and carpooling: a hybrid approach that uses our carshare vehicles to get pools of staff to work – in a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way.

Vanpool at UBC

UBC is great example of a large employer in an area not currently well-served by public transit (but hopefully soon to get better with the eventual new Skytrain). Here are some of the many benefits of the pilot:

  • UBC benefits from this arrangement by encouraging staff to leave their cars at home – a more sustainable option, and one that also reduces on-site parking challenges.
  • For TransLink, it provides an efficient and cost-effective micro-transit solution, compared to conventional buses.
  • Modo members get access to more vehicles and service areas!
  • And, everyone in the community gets to enjoy the results of having fewer single occupancy vehicles on our roads at peak hours – including reduced traffic, congestion and GHGs J

Access to Vanpool vehicles

Now, let’s get back to the good stuff for members – more vehicles and service areas. How? When the pool vehicles aren’t being used for their pre-booked commute times, they will be made available to all members, automatically, on the booking grid. And no, despite the name, they won’t all be vans!

Here’s where you can find the new pool vehicles and when they’ll be available to you. Like any of our other cars, if you see them on the grid as available you can book them. If you don’t, they’re being used by one of our other fabulous members!

These five locations are available to all members, weekday evenings and all day Saturday/Sunday:


  • Scott Town Plaza
  • Surrey Arts Centre
  • 86A Ave & 159 St (our 1st Surrey vehicle outside of Whalley!!)


  • Capitol Hill Community Hall


  • Coquitlam Central SkyTrain (note there is already one full-time Modo at this location)

And these five vehicles at UBC are also available, but only during the workday, Monday to Friday:

  • Agronomy Road Surface Lot
  • Totem Park (4 cars to choose from here!)


Are you interested in the Vanpool program for your company? Contact Tiffanie.Lam@Translink.ca to learn more.

Happy sharing!

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