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“We asked, you answered” – 2015 Annual Member Survey

We asked, you answered. This year, our Annual Member Survey saw its highest participation ever with over 2,000 responses from passionate Modo members across the Lower Mainland and Victoria. As a co-operative business, we rely on honest feedback from our members to help us shape and grow our business into something that not only provides the best service, but also something we’re all proud to be part of. We’re excited to share some of the results and were pleased to discover that 84% of you would enjoy hearing from us once a month or more – so stay tuned to your inboxes!


It’s very encouraging to know that 93% of respondents are happy with their Modo membership. Of those, 54% were Very Satisfied but of course there’s always room for improvement, so we won’t stop there. We’d also like to recognize the fantastic work our Member Loyalty Team does day-in and day-out to ensure you have the best carsharing experience possible – we’ve let them know that 95% of you gave them a high-five!


Carsharing options in Metro Vancouver have increased in the past 5 years with Zipcar, Car2Go and now Evo providing transportation alternatives. Nearly 60% of our members also use another service with Car2Go leading the pack at 40% and you said it was because:

  • Sometimes you need a one-way trip option
  • Some trips are cheaper

Since their arrival, we’ve said that Car2Go is a fine complement to station-based carsharing like Modo. We know that one-way trips, and consequently the cost of certain trips, are going to appear as an advantage over Modo. While that model of carsharing is valuable, it’s not our core business. Our aim is to give our members a reliable option that feels more like a car in your driveway rather than a DIY taxi you find on the street. Having a diverse fleet sets us apart from our competitors and with an 88% satisfaction rating, it appears many of you feel the same way!

Recognizing that not having a one-way option may be a barrier for some, we asked what else might hold someone back from signing up:

  • 44% said our $500 share purchase for Member-Owners
  • 42% said not having a Modo in their neighbourhood
  • 43% said some people just don’t know how carsharing works

We were surprised the Member-Owner share purchase presented a barrier since we introduced our Monthly membership several years ago, but we see that along with general carsharing awareness as opportunities to do more education about the benefits of membership.


Another area we’d like to improve upon is our Vehicle Cleanliness. In the past, we’ve heard feedback about certain cars not being very clean, but looking at this year’s response, less than 5% said they were Not Satisfied. That said, we’ll be working to maintain and improve our vehicle cleanliness in the coming months by expanding our Fleet Team and continuing to rely on Keeners Car Wash with the goal of making every trip you take with Modo feel like you’re driving off the lot.

Knowing how to reach out to new members and better communicate with our current members is important, but also wanted to know, “What do you do once you’re on the road with Modo?” Many of the stories we hear are from member who’ve recently taken Modo on a beautiful camping trip or to a part of BC they had yet to explore. These outdoor tales are exciting to hear but learning that 65% said errands are their number one use for Modo was a great reminder that carsharing is meant to make our daily lives easier.

While expansion relies on a robust and accessible public transit system, it also relies on member growth. The fact that most (70%) of our respondents were newer members who joined within in the past 5 years is encouraging, and seeing that 95% of respondents would likely refer a friend to Modo is even more exciting.


There appears to be a trend in terms of why people join that resonates with the values that helped create Modo 18 years ago:

  • Supporting a local, co-operative, independent business (55%)
  • Concerned about the environment (53%)
  • To save money on transportation costs (60%)

These values inspired our founding members and it’s clear they continue to influence our newer members, and retain the 10% who’ve been carsharing with us for more than 10 years. Like our CEO Nathalie said in the Huffington Post, you have to think of your city like a toolbox when it comes to transportation. Modo may just be one of those tools, but we’re aiming to make sure it’s the one you reach for first.

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