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We’re Listening! 2014 Annual Member Survey Highlights

Each year, we invite our members to participate in our Annual Member Survey. Their answers offer us invaluable insights into how well we’re serving member needs and where we can improve the service.

Here are a few highlights from this year’s survey results:


» The top 3 preferred vehicle types were hybrid (19%), electric vehicle (16%) and minivan (15%).

» 46% of survey respondents were referred to Modo by a friend.

» Why Modo?

“I broke up with my partner and said he could keep the car.”
“The transit strike over 10 years ago that lasted months.”
“Almost any type of vehicle when I need it, without fixed/recurring costs!”

» 79% use Modo for recreation or social trips.

» 30% use Modo for work.

» 1% make their Modo books via phone.

» 63% of respondents sold or got rid of a vehicle within 1 year of joining.

» How do our members commute?

  • 41% public transit
  • 23% cycling
  • 15% walking
  • 7% work/study from home
  • 2% drive
  • 10% mode-share (e.g. cycling + SkyTrain)

Thanks to our members who took the time to participate in this year’s survey. As a member-owned co-operative, we pay close attention to your feedback.

As thanks for participating, respondents were entered into a draw to win $200 carsharing credit – and we are happy to congratulate Jeff D. on winning the big prize! We hope it takes you somewhere fun this summer!

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Modo Co-operative
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