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What you need to know about electric vehicles in BC


Our friends at Emotive BC provided a guest post about the state of electric vehicles in British Columbia. Curious if these are a practical solution for the future? Read on!

Modo members are no strangers to electric vehicles – even if you haven’t driven one just yet! And Emotive is focused on ensuring even more people consider going electric.

Aren’t EVs more of a novelty than mainstream?

Today, there are more than 600,000 plug-in electric cars worldwide, and most EV drivers say they’ll never go back to a gas-guzzler again.

Electric vehicles are as capable as any other vehicle on the road – fully torqued and highway ready – with the added benefit of being emissions free.

Electric vehicles (EVs) have come a long way in the past few decades. A few years ago, there were only a couple of plug-in models available (with steep price tags) but now nearly every major automaker has plans for a plug-in hybrid, full EV or both in their lineup.

These are just some of the EVs available in British Columbia:


As you can see, British Columbians have a growing selection of EVs available, including the Nissan Leaf (of which Modo has two). With increased options and growing infrastructure, EVs are here to stay.

Isn’t charging difficult?

Charging an EV isn’t much different than charging your smart phone. Most EV drivers simply charge at home or while at work. There are public charging stations at many malls, community centres, and parking facilities in BC to top up while on the go.


Most of these stations are “Level 2”, which provide about 25km for every hour of charging. These stations are best suited for short to medium term parking.

For long road trips, Fast Chargers can get a battery to 80% in about 20 minutes. There are 8 of these in BC, with 22 more on the way!

A network of these Fast Chargers, called “The West Coast Green Highway”, connects Whistler to Baja, California, making an EV road trip on the coast a reality.

This map shows EV chargers available throughout our little corner of BC and Washington State:


Modo doesn’t yet have Fast Chargers at our EV home locations so our EVs are best suited for day-time trips. That said, if you are interested in exploring the Green Highway, Plugshare is a great planning resource.

How practical are EVs?
In urban areas, 95% of all car trips are less than 30km – well within the range of an EV.

For people who live or commute from outside a major urban area, a hybrid plug-in may be more practical. These vehicles have an electric motor and battery plus a gas engine for back-up.

Electric vehicles are far less expensive to operate, saving owners 75% or more in fuel costs. When projected over the life of the car this can mean savings of $10,000 or more!

If that still isn’t enough to convince you, take a look at what the world might look like if everything was gas powered:

How do I find out more?
“Emotive: The Electric Vehicle Experience” is a new outreach campaign aimed at raising awareness about electric cars. Follow the Emotive Facebook Page to keep up to date on local initiatives – you may even win a trip in an EV with you behind the wheel

If you’re keen to start driving an EV right away, sign up with Modo to access the EVs in the fleet. Did you know EVs and hybrid-electrics comprise 13% of Modo’s fleet?!

For more news about EVs and opportunities to support electric vehicles in BC, visit

Modo EV photos by Ken Villeneuve.

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