We invite you to follow Modo’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey to becoming a more inclusive co-op!

This video describes Modo’s journey to-date: the why, what and how. We begin by looking at the Member Research, undertaken with the help of consultant Majid Khoury, and AndHumanity’s diversity and inclusive marketing agency, to introduce our DEI work and goals across our co-op. Hear how these local experts and a few folks on our leadership team, talk in depth about our motivation to remove barriers and become more inclusive, the connection to our purpose and the steps we are taking in this process. There were a few surprises and challenges along the way, but without a doubt, we learned a lot through this process and hope you will too.

Our desire is that this series inspires and encourage others on their own paths; as businesses, fellow co-ops or simply those personally interested in the topic.

“There is very strong alignment in this work to our Purpose – to transform communities by connecting people with places in a way that’s affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable. By eliminating barriers to membership for under-represented groups and thereby allowing more people to carshare in more places, we will cause our co-op to grow, our impact to widen and more individuals and families to enjoy the benefits of carsharing.” – Patrick Nangle, Modo.

Resources we’ve found helpful:

If you have a suggestion to add to our resources list, please contact us at input@modo.coop