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Individual Plans

Individual Plans

Modo Plus Membership

Modo Plus members get the lowest hourly rate, with no monthly administrative fees. Under this plan, you are a member-owner, with the right to vote. Your $500 share purchase makes a valuable contribution to the co-op and is returned to you when you quit the service.

Monthly Membership

Monthly members get full access to Modo’s fleet and services, and in lieu of a share purchase, pay a monthly administrative fee. Compared to Modo Plus, this plan has a slightly higher hourly rate, and is still one of the best deals in town.


Modo now accepts drivers as young as 16 with an L licence. Click here to read more about our Green Member program.


Read more on Modo’s pricing structure.

What's Included?

Vehicle access

Choose between cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, sedans, hybrids and electric cars.


No need to calculate the price of fuel when planning that trip to Portland. With Modo, gas is included.


Accidents happen. That’s why every Modo driver gets full collision and comprehensive coverage. Learn more.


Modo’s Fleet Team cleans the cars regularly – inside and out. Learn how you can clean up on free drive time!

Parking Privileges

Click here to find out where you can park your Modo stress and payment-free in restricted zones (and where you can’t).


Membership with Modo offers more than access to vehicles across Metro Vancouver – including great perks to save members money and increase quality of life.

Trip Calculator

Let us do the math for you!

What kind of car?

When will you pick it up?

When will you drop it off?

How far will you go?

Modo Plus Monthly Member
Time $0 $0
Km $0 $0
Co-op Innovation Fee $0 $0
Subtotal $0 $0
PVRT $0 $0
GST $0 $0
PST $0 $0
Total $0 $0
Monthly and Business member rates are the same

Modo Co-operative
Modo Co-operative
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