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July 13, 2022

BC Carsharing Members & Their Favourite Modo Moment

Although Modo successfully marked 25 years of carsharing in British Columbia last month, we’re not quite ready to stop celebrating. Whether they have used Modo for a month or years, lots of members shared their favourite #ModoMoments with us.


If carsharing with family looks intimidating for some, our members seem to really make the most out of it! Maybe it’s the diversity of cars, the included maintenance and the overall lower cost – cheaper than owning a personal car. But don’t just take our word for it!

Modo member since 2004, Geertje B explains:

“When the family was with small children and then school-aged children, it was amazing to have a Modo minivan in the area that we could always book for great family trips and errands, including taking my mother with us when she was visiting her grandchildren. Modo is part of our family life! And we feel very much part of the Modo community. When we see another Modo car on the road, we typically say: Ah, a Modo friend!”

For Leigh G, member since 2011, Modo has been part of many big family moments including camping adventures, family vacations, road trips, etc.

“Both my kids (now 9 and 6) came home from the hospital in Modo cars which turned into their first car experience and our first moments as a family outside of the hospital! Since then we moved from Vancouver to Victoria using a Modo car and it’s great that we can continue with Modo in our new city.”

Increasing Mobility & Growing Strong Community

Connecting people with places by providing reliable rides is essential to Modo but according to our members, carsharing helps them accomplish so much more!

“My Modo Moment was my first booking. I was very nervous… But I got in the car and drove to my favourite fish and chip shop in Oak Bay, keeping careful track of the time. (Open Booking hadn’t been invented yet!) I drove back to James Bay, parked the car and fobbed off. I had done it! I had given myself – with the help of some very friendly telephone Modo staff – the gift of adventure and freedom.” – Graham L, member since 2020.

“First in-person team event since the pandemic for Movmi and of course we carpooled in a Modo!” – Sandra P, member since 2010.

“Using a Modo to deliver reclaimed food as part of a volunteer initiative with Foodstash Foundation – Ahmed M, member since 2022.

Creating Lifelong Memories

When long-term member Louise K. shared her Modo moments, we must admit that we got emotional!

She first learned about the Co-operative Auto Network in 1997 when Tracy Axelson was featured in a Vancouver Sun article explaining the sharing network she hoped to create with the co-operative.

“I remember thinking what a great idea it was as I hadn’t owned a car for many years but could see that I would start needing one soon in order to assist my elderly mum. Having to buy a car certainly didn’t appeal to me and I am poor at car maintenance so carsharing sounded perfect to me. That was my first Modo moment.”

But her favourite memories were the annual summer “Circle Farm Tours” that she would do with her mum. They would make a day of it every summer, pick a tour to do and thoroughly enjoy visiting various farms and cheese makers.

“It was a summer highlight for both of us and made possible by my being a Modo member. Mum died several years ago and I have since moved to Victoria. While looking for a condo here, one of the reasons I knew I’d found the one for me (after looking after 30 others!) was that there was a dedicated Modo car parking spot 50 feet from my front door. So as I celebrate Modo’s 25 years as a car co-operative, I also celebrate my 20 years (in the fall) as a member. Thanks for the memories.”

Thank you Louise and all our members! A great reminder that if you need a ride but don’t want the hassle of owning a car, you can share the drive with us and create your own Modo moments along the way!