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Modo for real estate developers

Over 400 development firms collaborate with Modo, reducing parking requirements and enhancing project viability. A single Modo vehicle in a development can save significant construction costs, while adding long lasting value for the building owners, occupants and surrounding community.
With 20+ years of experience in transportation demand management, Modo is the trusted carsharing choice for developers like Bosa Properties, Anthem Properties, Onni, Wall Financial, Westbank, serving over 200 buildings.
To maximize the carsharing benefits for your development, engage with us early. We assist in informed decisions on design, budget, and marketing, offering support from parking considerations to providing building occupants with free memberships and driving credits.

Save on construction costs

Municipal programs allowing parking stalls to be replaced by fewer carsharing-dedicated spaces can save over six figures per shared vehicle, transforming projects. Developers have skipped entire parking levels, boosting ROI and project viability.

Strategic solutions for design challenges

Developers working with small sites, high water table or facing pressure from the community to reduce pressure on local parking supplies, see round trip carsharing as an cost effective solution to these challenges.

Boost your corporate reputation

Each Modo vehicle replaces up to 13 personally owned cars, cutting congestion, emissions, and saving space. Supporting carsharing builds sustainable, vibrant urban communities for a positive business and community impact.

Leverage competitive advantage

On-site carsharing, free membership, and driving credits ease selling/leasing without dedicated parking. More households and businesses opt for carsharing, cutting ownership costs and reallocating funds wisely.

Learn if Modo is the right solution for your development projects

Send us an email at bizdev@modo.coop with details of your interest. We’ll get in touch with you to discuss feasibility and next steps.