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Our people

Driven by purpose

Everyone who works at Modo shares in our work to achieve our purpose - the means by which we impact our communities through sustainable transportation.

Our purpose is simple — to transform communities by connecting people and places in a way that is affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable.
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Work with Modo

Modo's team is as diverse as the communities we serve, but we are all united by one goal — to make a difference in the lives of our members and in the places where we live and work.

We do this by helping people free themselves from the constraints of car ownership, by redefining what it means to get around and by raising our voices for healthier and more sustainable communities.
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While we aim to grow our business, we are driven by people, not profit. Our Board of Directors are elected during the voting period preceding our Annual General Meeting to represent the interest of the cooperative and our members.

Through the Board, our members actively participate in setting strategic direction and making decisions. Thanks to this lean structure, we are able to innovate and create solutions that meet the needs of the Modo community.

Atiya Jaffar

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“I’ve dedicated my life to climate advocacy and activism. I know the boldest climate solutions are community-driven. Modo is a prime example. That’s why I am eager to lend my skills as a climate campaigner, policy expert, digital specialist, and non-profit manager to help our co-op thrive.”

Howard Ma

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Howard has been a proud member of Modo since 2021. With his professional background in corporate finance, he serves on the Modo board’s Finance Committee.

Karen Quinn Fung

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“I ran for the Modo board to ensure my values for transportation stay at the forefront for Modo as it grows and serves members.”

Kate Shen

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“As a passionate advocate for sustainable transportation, I see Modo’s potential to transform communities. I offer fresh insights on forming impactful partnerships, achieving DEI goals, and shaping Modo’s strategic direction. I’m committed to ensuring accessibility and upholding people-first values in shaping Modo’s future.”

Ravi Bhosale

Vice Chair
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I live in Vancouver and work at TELUS as Manager of B2B Strategy. I am a Computer Engineer with an MBA from UBC where I volunteer as a mentor and as a guest lecturer at the Sauder School of Business. I Immigrated to Canada in 2011 and have since been mentoring new immigrants as part of the IECBC’s Mentorship program. Outside of work and volunteering, I like to climb, run, bike and enjoy the occasional hike. I have been an active Modo Plus member since 2014.

Ruth Legg

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“Modo continues to support an impactful, thriving community of car-sharing, and I’m proud to lead the Board in steering the co-op to deliver on its social purpose.”

Shawn Jansepar

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“I’m passionate about making a meaningful impact in my community and playing a part in addressing the climate emergency. As a Director at Modo, I am committed to doing what I can to ensure it remains convenient and affordable while continuing to expand Modo into more communities and rapidly transition to electric vehicles.”
With their diverse backgrounds, skills and knowledge, this team leads our cooperative into the future. Collectively, they represent more than four decades in carsharing, and have participated in bringing carsharing to cities and towns across North America.

Patrick Nangle

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“I am committed to Modo realizing its Purpose and living its ethos of people before profit. Leading the Modo team in delivering affordability, convenience, inclusion, and environmental sustainability for the benefit of members and the wider community is at the heart of my work.”

Erin Sullivan

Director of Fleet Operations
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“Sharing cars aligns with my personal values. I am dedicated to ensuring Modo offers an inclusive, affordable, and convenient experience that allows our members to make carsharing an easy choice, and part of their values, too.”

Karen New

Director of Information Systems
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“Overseeing Modo’s software development, IT infrastructure, data analysis, and location planning, I’m constantly building the most affordable, convenient, inclusive, and sustainable network our resources allow. We have an obligation to current members to deploy their cars wisely, and to future members to build the services they’ll need.”

Jason Meraw

Director of Member Care
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“Member needs are my top priority and delivering a service that is convenient, affordable, and sustainable is what drives me. As a member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, inclusivity is at the core of who I am. I will always focus on ensuring everyone is welcome at Modo.”

Jane Hope

Director of Marketing & Communications
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“My job is to make sure the driving force behind co-ops – the people – stay engaged in our work. I do this by ensuring Modo tells stories that keep our inclusive community at its centre, so everyone knows that they belong in our cars and our community.”

Ian Boorman

Director of Finance
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Through careful forecasting and budgeting, Ian ensures Modo’s business finances are meeting our members’ expectations of a great carsharing experience that is grounded in affordability and inclusivity.

Sylvain Celaire

Director of Business Development
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“I assist Modo to grow its reach and anchor itself in communities through collaborations with municipal governments, property owners, and businesses. I believe that disrupting automobile dependency through people-centred communities is key to Modo’s success.”