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Modo for municipalities

Drive the talk! Many municipalities lead by example. Modo is the carshare provider for the cities of Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna, Richmond, Langford and the Districts of Squamish and Central Saanich. With Modo, municipal governments can save on capital investment, right-size their fleet and seamlessly share their vehicles among staff through Modo’s proprietary booking software while supporting a sustainable transportation option directly benefiting their constituents.

Focused on what matters most

Modo offers round-trip carsharing, which means the users pick up and return the vehicles to a fixed home location and can reserve vehicles on the fly and up to a year in advance. Whereas one-way carsharing allows to pick up a vehicle from A and drop at B, within a certain geofenced service area and can only be reserved for a short period ahead of time. 

Academic research confirmed that round trip carsharing leads to significant reductions in vehicle ownership and use while complementing active transportation and the use of public transit, which is why it is recognized by tens of municipal governments in British Columbia as a relevant transportation demand management measure to lower parking supply in residential, commercial and mixed-use development projects. 

As a member-owned co-operative, we’re focused on people and positive impacts at the community level, not maximizing profits. In addition, round trip carsharing does not require high level of population density to be viable. Combined, these allow for strong objective alignment with diverse municipalities. If your community strives to enabling its residents become less dependant on personally-owned automobiles while providing access to a range of convenient, affordable and inclusive transportation options, round trip carsharing certainly has a role to play.

Benefits of partnering with Modo

  • 25+ years of experience in operating carsharinga people centric carsharing service and collaborating with municipal governments to inform knowledge based, cost effective policies harnessing the positive impacts of round trip carsharing
  • Only member-owned carshare organization in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and the Okanagan
  • Focused on creating value and making a positive impact for the community
  • Proprietary booking software and in-house software development team
  • Complementing carsharing and fleet sharing solutions to right-size your fleet, reduce GHG emissions, avoid personal vehicle requirements and reimbursements
  • Close relationships with TransLink and local stakeholders

Introduce and grow carsharing in your municipality

If your municipality is not collaborating with Modo yet, send an email to bizdev@modo.coop. We’ll get in touch to discuss shared objectives and the eventual opportunities to advance them together.