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December 1, 2023

CEO Update - December 2023

Thank you for your loyalty and support throughout the past year and best wishes to all as we close out 2023 and look forward into the New Year.  

I am delighted to share some happy news with this update. First, as many will be aware, we piloted child seats in a small number of vehicles beginning in Fall 2022. The program has been well received and based on your enthusiastic response we are in the process of equipping 50 more vehicles. You can use the filter in either our app or the online booking system to locate the applicable vehicles. Big thanks to our Fleet team who took the lead with this initiative.

The second big news is that Transport Canada has recognized the importance of carsharing on the path to a transition away from gasoline powered vehicles and have increased our access to EV (electric vehicle) purchase incentives. This means that Modo members can more equitably benefit from a program that has long been available to individual vehicle owners. From a recent survey, two thirds of you told us you prefer using an EV when there is a choice, and we are working hard to make more EVs available. There are about 50 zero emission vehicles available in the fleet today and more coming. Confoundingly and in contrast, when it comes to the transition to electric vehicles, the BC provincial government is currently not providing us with any support. Wonder why not? Me too. No one seems ready, willing, or able to explain.

You may have read about Living Wage in the news recently. I am proud to let you know that your co-op has recertified and continues to support this important initiative. We count ourselves amongst more than 400 BC employers that have done so. It is simply the right thing to do for employees and for our communities. You can learn more about what is a living wage here.  

I trust you are enjoying the new Modo app. Per the numbers, it has very quickly become the booking tool of choice. If you are not yet familiar with the new app, try it. We launched with the essentials and our development team is very regularly updating the app with additional features and functionality. I particularly value the filtering functionality. Watch for more coming soon!

And finally, a big thanks to the more than 3,000 members that responded to our annual member survey. We are proud that overall satisfaction remains remarkably high at 96%. You told us that you are seeing more value in your membership and gave your co-op high ratings for the fleet and member experience. And an incredible 95% of you said you were likely to refer Modo to a friend – please feel free to do so.