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March 28, 2024

Don’t forget to vote: your voice matters!

Atiya Jaffar with local Modo car
Atiya with her local Modo

As members of Modo co-operative, we are all co-owners of our carshare. Democratic engagement is absolutely essential to ensuring the long term health of our co-op. By voting, you elect members to the board to help steer Modo towards a strong future.

That's why I encourage my fellow members to vote to elect our board of directors and participate in our AGM on April 24th.  

Here are 3 reasons to participate:  

  1. Keep Modo purpose driven!

Modo is a mission driven co-operative. That means we are accountable for upholding our Purpose, values, and principles – not meeting a corporate bottom line. When COVID hit and economic troubles followed, Modo persevered over profit-driven, corporate-owned car shares because our priority was to preserve affordable, accessible transportation with minimal environmental impact.  

Your vote is critical to helping us ensure we weather future crises with the same unwavering commitment to our members, our community, and the environment. As members, it’s up to us to ensure we have a board that is aligned with Modo’s vision and values.  

  1. Your voice will shape Modo’s strategic direction

This upcoming year, the Modo board will participate in a strategic planning process with the staff team to set the co-op’s roadmap for upcoming years. It’s critical to ensure that the board members participating in this process are the best ambassadors of Modo’s membership. That’s why we need as many members as possible to vote in this election and help elect five of the nine board members participating in this pivotal process.  

Our strategic direction matters, not only for helping achieve our own purpose and mission but also to bolster our commitment to the broader ecosystem of sustainable transportation. An example of this is Modo’s work over the last 5 years to partner with Translink, Evo Car Share, and Mobi Bikes to launch RideLink : a new program that makes it seamless and convenient to access public transit, carshare, bikeshare services for work related travel. Learn more about the pilot program here.

free electric transit for all bus - kids toy
Atiya teaching her child about shared mobility

  1. Embolden the co-operatives movement

When you vote, you reaffirm the co-op's accountability to you, the member. This process ensures we have a thriving co-op and protects us against corporate takeover. Board members meet regularly with the leadership team to collaborate, give feedback and keep them accountable to our Purpose.

In a climate where the co-operative movement is once again on the defensive due to cuts in public spending and growing corporate power, emboldening mission-driven co-ops like Modo is as important as ever. It starts with ensuring you are doing your part to uphold a healthy democracy here at Modo.

Like so many Modo members, I am so proud to be a part of this community. I truly believe that we are playing such an important role in the fight to build a more affordable, just, and sustainable future for all.

Modo Board & staff at Shared Mobility Rocks 2023

It’s been an honour to serve as your board member for the last year. I hope you will join me to ensure Modo continues to thrive. Your voice matters. Don’t forget to vote in the election and join our AGM on April 24th.  

Author: Atiya Jaffar, Director on Modo's Board of Directors