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February 5, 2024

Empower Change: Joining the Modo Board – A Q&A Perspective

Thinking about getting involved and enacting change through Modo’s Board of Directors? Current Board Director, avid cyclist, and multimodal transportation advocate Kate Shen shares why she decided to run for the board and what her experience has been like so far.

Since April 2023 she’s taken on the Nominations Committee Chair role while also sitting on the Finance Committee within the Board. She’s learned a lot in her first board role and has some great perspectives on what you might expect as you consider joining as well. Below is a Q&A with Kate where she shares her experiences and feelings 10 months into her term.  

Kate Shen (Modo Board Director 2023/24) next to a Modo vehicles

Q: What inspired you to join the Modo Board?

A: I really wanted to get more involved with the Greater Vancouver community with an organization that has a positive impact on the climate and the community’s quality of life. Modo's commitment to sustainable transportation and community empowerment aligned perfectly with my values, making it an exciting opportunity to help guide the strategic direction of something I really care about.

Q: How has your experience on the Modo Board been so far?

A: It’s been really rewarding. I’ve learned so much and have gotten to work with like minded people along the way. It’s provided me with a unique perspective and insight on both the challenges and opportunities in the transportation and co-op sector.  

Q: What would you say to someone considering running for election in the upcoming AGM?

A: I would encourage candidates to prepare answers ahead of time and practice your video submission a few times before recording with Modo. Also, successful candidates are asked to say a few words at the AGM so have something ready (because I didn’t but wish I had!).  

Q: How has being on the Modo Board enriched your personal and professional life?

A: Being on the Modo Board has been a fantastic journey, both professional and personally. Professionally, it’s been a great opportunity to sharpen my leadership and decision-making skills, along with strategic thinking. Exploring the inner workings of a co-op has given me valuable insights that I’ve taken into my professional life. On a personal level, it has really deepened my connection to the community, offering a sense of purpose that goes beyond my day-to-day.

Q: What qualities do you think make an effective Modo Board member?

A: Modo Board members should possess a genuine passion for Modo's mission, a collaborative spirit, and the ability to think strategically. You should have excellent communication skills, an open mind, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Board is looking for individuals with diverse experience and backgrounds, particularly in the following experience areas: legal; senior leadership; shared mobility; management oversight; co-operative experience; and accounting.

Q: Any last words of encouragement?

Running for election to the Modo Board is an invitation to be part of a dynamic team dedicated to shaping the future of sustainable transportation. Your unique skills and perspectives can contribute to Modo's continued success, making a lasting impact on both the organization and the communities it serves. Consider stepping up and running for election – together, let's drive positive change!

Interested in speaking to a current director about this opportunity? Please email nominations@modo.coop