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November 3, 2022

Food Stash: Creating Healthier, More Sustainable Communities Together

Food Stash Foundation was created in 2016 by David Schein, a local Vancouver-based teacher who sought to improve our environment and feed those in need. Today, Food Stash operates with the same two-fold mission: reduce the environmental impact of food waste and bridge the food insecurity gap that exists within our community in Vancouver. Food Stash now rescues over 70,000+ pounds of good, surplus food per month, redistributing it to over 30 other charities, more than 110 Rescued Food Box members, and 100+ weekly Rescued Food Market users.

Food Stash and the Rescued Food Box Program

The Rescued Food Box program provides a weekly food box filled with nutritious and perishable food delivered to the Food Stash community members. The program is intended for those with little or no income who require a home delivery as they have a disability and/or chronic health condition that makes accessing food and other food services challenging.

Food Stash relies on dedicated volunteers, who share the organization’s values, to both pack and deliver Rescued Food Boxes. Their delivery volunteers build meaningful connections with the community members Food Stash serves and are vital to the success of the household delivery program.

Woman Loading Modo

Why Food Stash & Modo?

Food Stash recognizes that this important work can’t be done alone and that collaboration is key to success. They are dedicated to building meaningful partnerships and relationships that contribute to a healthier community and environment – like us at Modo!

With an apparent rise in local food insecurity, the Rescued Food Box program waitlist grew substantially in 2021. Since the Spring of 2022, Food Stash volunteers have had the option to use Modo vehicles to deliver Rescued Food Boxes.

By providing their volunteers with the opportunity to use environmentally-friendly transportation for these deliveries, Modo has helped Food Stash get more food to those who need it most in a way that is convenient, inclusive and sustainable. Their volunteers share the commitment to growing and serving more community members without growing Food Stash’s CO2 emissions.