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August 22, 2023

Milestone Achievement: 1,000th car joins Modo’s Carsharing Fleet

Modo is proud to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards offering moresustainable, affordable, and convenient transportation solutions in ourregions. Today, we celebrate the addition of our 1,000th car to ourcarsharing fleet.

“This is a proud,milestone day in the history of our member-owned co-operative. A long-standingpractice of sustainable growth has defined our journey from an initial two carsin 1997 to 1,000 available to members today” says Patrick Nangle, Modo’s CEO.

As the firstcarsharing co-op in North America and the first carshare in theEnglish-speaking world, Modo has always been dedicated to transformingcommunities by connecting people and places in an affordable, convenient,sustainable, and inclusive way.

Our commitment toreducing privately owned vehicles on the road to curb congestion, lower carbonemissions and increase shared mobility options across our regions, has led usto this achievement. Our fleet expansion has been driven by our 30,000 members whohave embraced our vision of shared mobility and our goal to increase zeroemission options in our fleet.

“This 1,000thvehicle is symbolic of our commitment to members and the community. It isrepresentative of the way Modo has been able to extend affordable use of avehicle to an ever-increasing number of people and families in 25municipalities across BC. And it illustrates our commitment to transitioningour fleet to zero emission and thereby even further minimizing theenvironmental harm associated with the use of vehicles,” says Nangle.  

The 1,000thcar is a Hyundai IONIQ 5 EV and will be located at 410 West Georgia Street, incooperation with our developer partner Westbank. While Modo’s fleet currentlyconsists of over 30% hybrid or electric vehicles, the goal is to reach a zero emissionfleet by 2030.

As we celebrate theaddition of our 1,000th car, we look forward to a future whereshared mobility leads the way to more sustainable transportation options andcontributes to a healthier planet.