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April 6, 2022

Vote With Purpose: Why Your Voice Matters

written by Modo Board Chair, Ruth Legg

In every co-op, the voice of members should matter. After all, co-ops are uniquely structured to give members a say. Yet not all co-ops maintain an engaged membership and can stray from their co-operative values, principles and purpose. Let’s not take our democracy for granted.

Keep up the momentum

Modo proudly boasts healthy member engagement. In fact, in the last years we set a record high in members voting in the Board of Directors’ election. Whether it was the virtual AGM, pandemic-propelled interest, or simply a groundswell of members preserving their democracy – let’s not lose that momentum.

This election is important

Not only is voting critical to keeping democracy alive in our co-op, your vote really counts.  

What’s more, after consulting members we have reaffirmed our commitment to Modo’s Purpose: to transform communities by connecting people and places in a way that is affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable. The Board you elect will guide the co-op through realizing our Purpose in a way that continues to resonate with members in the years ahead.

Thank you for your role in letting our co-op values thrive.

Voting is open for the Modo Board of Directors’ election 2023 and runs until 4pm on April 19th, 2023. Learn more