You can join Modo by filling out a Member Eligibility Declaration (MED), applying to be a Modo Plus Member and purchasing $500 worth of shares upon acceptance of your application. This share purchase must be done using electronic bill payment only. (We cannot accept debit cards, cash or certified checks because of our office closure due to Covid-19. Credit cards and personal checks are not accepted for share purchases made by applicants signing a Member Eligibility Declaration).

Please see the steps below to continue your application:

  1. Please download and fill out the Member Eligibility Declaration found here.
  2. Scan the completed form and email in a PDF file format to
  3. Send a clear photo of your driver’s licence and another clear photo of you holding that licence. If your driver’s licence does not have a photo, we will still need a clear photo of it along with a clear photo of another form of government issued photo ID, and a clear photo of you holding that government issued photo ID.
  4. Contact Modo Member Care by email at or calling 604-685-1393 in the Lower Mainland, so we can review the above submission and provide you with your membership number.
  5. Send the share purchase payment of $500.00 as an electronic bill payment to Modo. You can set this up through your online banking by searching for ‘Modo’ as a payee the same way you would search ‘BC Hydro’ to pay your hydro bill.

When you have sent your share payment, please let us know by giving us a call or emailing us at Once the share payment and all required documents are received, we will review your application or let you know if further steps are needed.

  • The shares are redeemable within 90 days upon the closure of your Modo Plus account.
  • Members who have joined with an MED and have not evidenced meeting Modo’s Driving Standard are not eligible to participate in the Damage Pool.
  • The Damage Fee applicable to Members who have joined with an MED and have not evidenced meeting Modo’s Driving Standard is set at a maximum of $2,500 for a damage incident.

At any time, you can replace the Member Eligibility Declaration and the related MED-specific conditions by providing evidence of meeting Modo’s Driving Standard. You can do that by providing a record of your driving history during the most recent 24 months period to evidence that the Driving Standard has been met. That history and related records may include your history in BC and in another jurisdiction.

  • Consult the foreign licence and driving records page to find out how you can request your previous driving documentation.
  • If your driving records are not in English and are from outside Canada, we require a translation of the records from an ICBC approved translator.

For the portion of your driving history that is from BC:

Visit ICBC’s online request page.

Request they email the following two documents directly to

  • Driving record (driver’s abstract)
  • Insurance and claims history record

Click “Get your driving records”. We will need both sets of records for the past two years.

Why eligibility requirements?

To ensure we can keep our rates affordable, it’s necessary that we manage risks for our business. As such, it’s important we have eligibility criteria, which is published on our website and is applicable to everyone. As a member-owned co-op, we strive to make our policies as fair to all our members as possible. Though we are often asked to make an exception, we strive to treat everyone fairly and equally, therefore exceptions cannot be made.

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