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Frequently asked questions

Driving a Modo

Do I need to inspect the vehicle?
Do I have to return my Modo to its home location?
How do I lock my Modo?
Do I have to pay for parking?
Do I need to take my fob with me?
Do I need to refuel my modo?
What if I'm running late and can't get my Modo back to its home location on time?
What happens if I want to return my Modo earlier than scheduled?
What if I get a ticket or my Modo gets towed?
What if my Modo won't start?
Can another person drive my Modo?
Am I responsible for cleaning my Modo?
Can I bring a pet in my Modo?
Can I stow the seats in my Modo?
I forgot something in the Modo. How do I retrieve it?
I've booked a modo EV but I don't have experience using one. How can I get help?
Where can I find the child seat in a vehicle?
What should I do if I don't need the child seat?
How do I install the child seat?
How to use the accessibility van?
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