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What documents do I need to join Modo?

To become a Modo member, you'll need a few documents depending on your situation. Here's what to prepare:

  1. Valid driver’s license.
  2. Driving abstract for the past 2 years (in BC, this is called your Personal Driving Record)
  3. Valid credit card in your name or be ready to make an electronic bill payment, depending on your application type.

If You Have a License Issued in BC

  • Contact ICBC through their online form and ask them to send copies of your Personal Driving Record for the past 2 years to info@modo.coop. Even if you don't have 2 years experience, request records for that duration.

If You Have Held a License Issued Outside BC

To become a monthly or Modo Plus member:

  • Request your driving record for the past 2 years from your non-BC license issuer (translated by an ICBC-approved translator if not in English). Visit ICBC’s website for more information on moving to BC with a foreign license or contact your local embassy to find out how to obtain your driving records and/or history from outside Canada. Please note, some issuers may charge a fee to obtain your records which Modo does not reimburse.

If you can't obtain your driving documentation from the non-BC license issuer, you can still join Modo. In this case, you can only join as a Plus member, and follow these steps:

  • Print and fill out by hand our Member Eligibility Declaration (MED).
  • Scan and save your completed declaration as a PDF.
  • Send a clear photo of your driver’s license AND another photo of you holding the license. If your driver’s licence does not have a photo, take a clear photo of it along with a clear photo of another form of government-issued photo ID, and a clear photo of you holding that government issued photo ID.

After you received your driving document or completed our MED:

  • Email all your documents to info@modo.coop
  • After emailing, contact us at info@modo.coop or call 1-604-685-1393 so we can review your submission and issue your membership number.
  • Follow the instructions to purchase your $500 worth of shares via electronic bill payment if you're on the Modo Plus membership. This share is fully redeemable if you decide to leave Modo.

Note: If you've had both a BC license and an out-of-province license in the last two years, follow both processes above (first request your outside BC license and then your BC one).

Final Steps:

  • Once we receive your payment and all documents, we'll review and let you know if we need anything else. 
  • If you encounter any issues during the application,  contact us, and we'll guide you through.
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