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Cleaning & Snow Angels program

As a community-minded co-operative, we believe in helping each other out. Lend our hard-working fleet team a hand by helping to keep Modos clean and accessible and you could earn up to $35 in drive time credit.
A photo of a person inspecting the tires on a Modo vehicle and a photo of a person shovelling snow around a Modo vehicle

Cleaning — $35 credit

Take your Modo for a ride as usual and finish your trip by cleaning it. You may clean any vehicle in need of cleaning. The car must be visibly dirty inside and out to be eligible. You can clean the vehicle however you’d like, as long as you wash the complete exterior of the car, vacuum and wipe down the surfaces of the interior of the car. This means vacuuming all seats and all carpets, in all seating positions, and wiping the surface of the dashboard, centre console and cupholders.

Snow Angels — $25 credit

Help us keep our fleet accessible for essential trips during snow days by clearing snow out of the entire vehicle and shovelling the surrounding parking space. You can be a snow angel for as many vehicles as you like, as long as their parking spaces requires shovelling to be driven in and out of.

How to claim your credit

Take before and after photos

Before cleaning or clearing snow, photograph the vehicle dirty inside and out, or snow-covered, showing the car's condition. After cleaning or snow removal, capture images showing the vehicle clean inside and out, or free of snow, confirming it's safe to drive out of the parking space.

Email us with the photos and the Modo vehicle number

Email cleaning@modo.coop with “Cleaning” or “Snow Angels” and the vehicle number in the subject line. Include the before and after photos, your name and your membership number.

That's it!

We’ll review your email and get back to you with your drive time credit and other details. Please give us up to a week to review your email.

Important notes

  • You must be a Modo member to claim cleaning or snow clearing credits
  • Modo will not reimburse members for any booking costs
  • When photographing the car, take both interior and exterior shots. Include visible dirt or snow before and your results after cleaning or snow removal.
  • No other reimbursements will be given if the cleaning or snow removal credit is given
  • There’s no limit on the number of vehicles you can clear as long as the work is high-quality!
  • Modo members receive a $35 maximum credit per cleaning
  • Please allow one week for the submission to be reviewed and your account to be credited. Modo staff has the final say whether the credit is issued