End your booking anytime, pay only for what you use!

You’ve always been able to choose the right vehicle for your trip. Now, you can also choose the return option that’s right for you.

Until now, using Modo meant having to select your return time (now called Set Return) when making a booking. But, we know members sometimes book more time than they need or not enough, risking rushing back and late fees. So, we’re introducing Modo’s new Open Return. Open Return allows you to book the car for between 30 min and 24 hours, without having to commit to keeping the car the whole time letting you return it when you’re ready. Simply end the booking when you’re done and pay only for what you use. Now that’s convenience!

Open Return at a glance

With Open Return there’s no need to set your return time in advance. Book our Daily Drive and Large and Loadable vehicles for 30 min or up to 24 hours and use them for as long as you like within that time. When you’re done, simply end your booking and return the vehicle, and only pay for the time and distance you have used, plus a $3 Open Return fee.

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Set return at a glance

A Set Return booking was the only return option prior to the launch of Open Return. It’s great for when you know how long you’ll need the vehicle and when you’ll be returning it. Simply select your return time while making your booking. Of course, you can always choose to extend your booking if the vehicle isn’t in use by another member.

Late fees (read ‘what if I’m running late’ on our FAQ) will apply to this type of booking if you do not extend and return it after your Set Return time. Cancellation fees may also apply (read ‘how do I cancel a booking’ on our FAQ).

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A breakdown of Open Return


When making an Open Return booking select “Open Return” then enter the time you want to pick up the vehicle. Hit search and you will be shown all vehicles available from 30 min up to 24 hours. Choose the one that suits you best, for example; if you think you’ll need it for around 3 hours, choose the vehicle available for 5. Need it for 10, make the booking for 15! Just return the vehicle when you are done, and you will only pay for what you used plus the $3 Open Return Fee.

Benefits of open return


Unsure of your return time? No Problem



Available for all membership types, on all Daily Drive and Large & Loadable Vehicles.


No need to pad your booking and only pay a small convenience fee of $3



Return the vehicle anytime up to 24 hours.

How to book an Open Return

Making an Open Return booking is similar to making a Set Return (regular) booking. When making a booking, you’ll see an Open Return option in the search area for vehicles that qualify. The default return time will be up to 24-hours if the vehicle is not already booked by another member.

Click ‘book it’. A pop-up will appear for you to confirm your Open Return.

Watch our video tutorial on how to book with Open Return.

How to end an Open Return booking?

On the app you can end your booking the same way you would for a regular (Set Return) booking. Open the app, log into your account go to “Current Bookings” and click “End Booking”.

On the desktop or mobile website, log into your account, go to “My Bookings” and you will see your active booking at the top of the screen. Click “I’m done with this car”

Simply fobbing out will not end an Open Return booking.

What if I cancel an Open Return booking?

Bookings can always be canceled. However, keep these tips in mind when canceling:

  • There’s no charge for canceling your booking with more than 12 hours’ notice. The Open Return fee will also not be charged.
  • If you cancel with less than 12 hours’ notice, you will be charged the Open Return fee.

Fast Facts – Open Return

  • Best suited when you don’t know your end time
  • When you book this option, the car is yours for up to 24-hours, without having to set an end time in advance. (Note: the system will default to a return time of up to 24-hours, if no one else has it booked off)
  • Simply end your booking when you’re done, return the car, and only pay only for what you use
  • Fobbing out won’t end your booking, you need to end the booking on our app, bookit.modo.coop, or call us. Failure to do so will result in the full charge.
  • The fee to use this option is only $3 per booking
  • Applies to Daily Drives and Large & Loadable Vehicles
  • When using the search, only vehicles available for up to 24-hours from your start time will appear
  • Available to all members and membership types
  • Bookings are easy to make via the Desktop site, Mobile site, and Mobile app (app version must be updated to 1.4.2 or newer)