Great news! There are some places where Modo members can park without paying and without worry. However, these parking privileges vary by city, municipality and district. Below, you’ll find where you can park your Modo stress and payment-free.

Park free in resident only and permit only zones:

City of Vancouver

  • New: Park your Modo free for up to 2-hours at all metered stalls in the City of Vancouver!

On-Street metered parking:

City of Vancouver

  • Park your Modo free for up to 2-hours at all metered stalls in the City of Vancouver!

City of Kelowna

  • New: All Modo vehicles in Kelowna are equipped with ECO-Pass permits, allowing up to two hours at metered parking stalls. The permit must be displayed from the rear view mirror when parked, incorrectly displayed permits are considered invalid.

Commercial parking:

City of Victoria

Note: Parking in Commercial Loading Zones and Lanes is available, but only for Modo cargo vans and pickup trucks, in the City of Victoria. You may stop in these zones or lanes for up to 30 minutes to load or unload.

No parking privileges (yet), unless otherwise stated in your booking email notes:

District of North Vancouver


New Westminster


Port Moody

Port Coquitlam



Pitt Meadows

Maple ridge




Langley (City or Township)

West Vancouver

A few friendly parking reminders:

You can’t park (stop over or end your booking) in a Modo stall other than your Modo’s assigned home location, where you picked it up.

Don’t park where signs prohibit parking!

Keep at least six metres between your vehicle and stop signs, and fire hydrants.

Only park in the direction traffic travels.

Make sure you’re no more than 12 inches from the curb to avoid potential fines.

Alleyways and driveways require at least 1.5 metres between them and your vehicle.