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June 11, 2024

From Tokyo to Vancouver: Embracing Sustainable Living with Modo and YUSHiiN LABO

Hello there! We are Hiro and Mina, a husband-and-wife team from YUSHiiN LABO, specializing in visual production services based in North Vancouver. We made a significant leap by relocating from Tokyo to Vancouver in 2017. With over 20 years of professional experience as a photographer and beauty expert in Japan, we embarked on this journey. It was driven by a desire for a change in lifestyle and our love for nature.

Sustainability deeply resonates with our work ethics and lifestyle. Since our move, we have opted not to own private vehicles, seeing it as our small commitment to sustainable urban living and making a less impactful choice for the environment. This decision felt natural to us after residing in a bustling Japanese city where an efficient public transportation system facilitated our daily commutes. However, the absence of car ownership in Vancouver poses challenges, particularly for small errands, weekend hikes, or summer camping trips.

The necessity of driving became more apparent when we started a charitable local support project called VOICE during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Our aim was to give back to the community and empower fellow small business owners by showcasing their voices. Through uplifting portraits and one-on-one interviews, we established a dedicated Instagram account focusing on the "VOICE" of local businesses. Each interviewee, passing the torch to others, drove us to travel to remote locations such as Quesnel, the Okanagan, Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands. A trip to Quesnel, for instance, entailed a day and a half of travel, including an overnight stay in lovely 150 Mile House, offering us a vivid realization of the vastness of Canada, especially BC.

Modo not only facilitated our daily mobility but also became our transportation partner in 2023, supporting our little project in exploring and connecting with numerous local businesses and artisans in communities near and far. As newcomers, driving with Modo broadened our horizons and facilitated friendships in different communities, and it has enriched our sustainable Canadian lifestyle through car-sharing.

Today, in the era of travelling light and easy, we advocate for car sharing as a smart lifestyle choice for a better and sustainable future, offering equal opportunities for new experiences and adventures parallel to car ownership.

We're grateful to Modo for helping us explore our new home ground and supporting our initiatives to make a difference in the community.

So here's to more adventures, more connections, and more sustainable living! Thanks, Modo for being part of our journey!

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