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A couple people loading mini-kegs into the back of a Modo car.

Modo for business

Free up your bottom line with Modo — we help you keep your business mobile, right-size your fleet, cut expenses, and boost your social responsibility efforts.

With Modo, your business can cut out car payments, parking, fuel and maintenance costs, AND help change the way the world gets around. It’s as simple as joining a community of like-minded people who look at transportation differently.

The numbers

With Modo for business, you get the flexibility to control costs while scaling your transportation requirements as needed. Usage is billed monthly so you pay only for when you (or your drivers) use the vehicles, and there are no monthly fees.

That’s right — no leasing, insurance, parking or fuel costs.

Cost per trip
Annual fees
One-time costs

What’s included

No matter what kind of trip you book, the basics you need to operate the vehicle are included.

Illustration of a gas pump


We cover your trip's gas or EV charge! Use the Modo card at our partnered stations to gas up or charge our EVs at no cost. Always leave at least 1/4 tank of gas or plug in the EV back at its home location for the next member to use.

Note: we may implement a fuel surcharge when the average fuel cost exceeds $2.10/litre.

Illustration of an umbrella

Damage coverage

Your membership includes basic insurance. If an accident is the other party's fault, no damage fees apply. For added protection,  extra coverage options are available with our Damage Fee pool.

See our FAQs for more information.

Illustration of a car at a parking meter


Park for free during your trip wherever allowed — you can find specifics here.

Return the vehicle to its home location before the end of your booking, in the same stall where you first picked it up.

Illustration of a car with sparkles


Our vehicles are cleaned regularly (but we still appreciate members keeping them tidy!). You can also book any vehicle in need of cleaning in exchange for up to $35 in driving time credit.

Check out our cleaning program for more details.

How to join

Register a business account
Download and complete our Business Account Agreement. Email the hand-signed, completed form to business@modo.coop

Our business account co-ordinators will process your application and once approved, they will contact you to activate your account. (Your account must be active before you can register your drivers.)
Register your drivers
Once your business account is activated, you’ll need invite each driver separately. When you invite them to join your account, each driver will receive an email outlining the steps they need to complete their registration. Our business account co-ordinators will then contact each of them to complete their application.
Get driving!

Congratulations! You’re on the road to controlling your transportation costs. Once your account is set up and your drivers registered, you’ll get key fobs in the mail. Then you can
Check our FAQs