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How do I charge my Modo EV?

All Modo EV home locations have chargers.  You’ll need to use the BC Hydro EV card available in the vehicle. In some cases, home locations will require you to use another card to activate the charging station. This second charging card is also located in the pouch attached to the key chain ring (like any regular Modo gas card).

If you need to charge away from the vehicle’s home location:

You can use the BC Hydro EV card available in the vehicle. The BC Hydro EV card is accepted at any BC Hydro, ChargePoint and Flo charging stations. Use the PlugShare​​ app to find to find publicly available charging stations throughout North America, including all charging station vendors.

If you can't pay with the BC Hydro EV card:

You should always try paying with the default BC Hydro card available in the vehicle. However, if the paid charging station doesn’t accept the BC Hydro card, you can pay with your own credit card. Most chargers allow any Visa or Mastercard with “tap” to be used at the charger directly. Modo will reimburse up to $20 if you submit a valid receipt. Many paid charging stations charge the cost of parking as their hourly rate – the charging component of the cost is free. As Modo does not pay for a member’s parking we have capped the reimbursement at $20 to allow enough time to charge the EV.

Need help with charging? Dive into our helpful videos on our YouTube channel.

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