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How to continue driving with Modo after an accident?

If you've been involved in an accident while driving a Modo vehicle, here's how you can proceed to continue using our services:

1. Repair costs under $1,000:

  • Enrolled in Modo's Damage Pool: Your coverage expires after the accident, but you can rejoin the Damage Pool for $50 to continue driving.
  • Not part of the Damage Pool: If you were not part of the Damage Pool, you'll need to pay the Damage Fee to continue driving (refer to “What is Modo's Damage Fee?”)

2. Repair costs exceed $1,000:

  • Not part of the Damage Pool: If you weren't enrolled in the Damage Pool, a $1,500 damage deposit is required, in addition to the damage fee, to continue driving.
  • Part of the Damage Pool: The Damage Pool covers the accident, but you can't rejoin the Damage Pool for at least 2 years from the incident date. Upon no further at-fault incidents with Modo vehicles within the previous 2 years and providing your driving records to reflect a clean driving history amidst those 2 years, you will then be eligible to rejoin the damage pool. In the meantime, to continue driving, the damage deposit of $1,500 is required.
  • The damage deposit can be paid by electronic bank payment. Credit cards and personal cheques are not accepted. This damage deposit is refundable after two years of maintaining a damage-free driving history, which can be demonstrated by resubmitting your driving documents.

With CLDI coverage: if you file an accident claim using your Collision Loss Damage Insurance (CLDI), you can continue driving without any additional steps.

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