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What is the Modo Damage Pool?

Modo Damage Pool is a fund designed to cover the repair costs for damages incurred to the fleet. It's a collective resource shared by those who choose to enroll in it. By joining the Modo Damage Pool, you can reduce your damage fee to $0 for any damage that occurs during your booking. If you're interested by this optional coverage, you have to sign up for it before any accidents happen. It costs $50 annually, is non-refundable, covers all Modo vehicles and expires after being used in the event of an accident.

Please note that business accounts and Green Members are not eligible to participate in the Damage Pool.

To sign up for the Modo Damage Pool, login to your account at bookit.modo.coop and click My Account>Damage Pool/Coverage.

After an accident, you may be eligible to rejoin the damage pool depending on the repair costs. See “How to continue driving with Modo after an accident?

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