$60max/24 hours

With Modo, you always have the right-sized fleet and can add an unlimited amount of drivers to your account. There’s no monthly fee either, you just pay when you drive. And, no more key exchanges or mileage reimbursements with our single itemized invoice. Compared to owning, renting or taxis, $5 an hour is a deal!

Member & admin fees:

One-time security deposit: $250

Co-op innovation fee: $1.50/trip

Annual fee: $1


40c/km for the first 25km
28c/km thereafter

Add flexibility

Open return +$3/trip
No need to set your return time in advance
Overnight time charge capped at 3hrs
anytime between 6pm to 9am.

Specialty vehicle?

Large and loadable. +$2/hr. Capped at +$24/24hrs

Oversized. +$5/hr. Capped at +$60/24hrs


What's included

+ Vehicle Access

+ Gas

+ Insurance

+ Cleaning

+ Parking

+ perks

Look who’s carsharing with Modo

Many organizations big and small are sharing with Modo. Carsharing with Modo helps them with everything from right-sizing their fleet, to cutting costs and admin time for personal mileage reimbursements – some even use it as a staff incentive (think Modo weekend trip to Whistler!).


Take a look

Business FAQs

For further questions visit our general FAQs and Pro Tips page.

Joining Modo

+ How do I set up my business account?

+ What are the initial costs involved in setting up my business account?

+ Who can drive on my business account?

+ How does a driver on a Business Account demonstrate eligibility?

+ How do I add or remove drivers on my business account?

+ How long does it take to process my application?

Vehicles and locations

+ What types of vehicles does Modo have?

+ What types of vehicle accessories are available?

+ Do Modo vehicles have winter tires?

+ Can I install a child seat or roof rack on the vehicle?

+ Can I install tire chains or a trailer hitch on the vehicle?

+ Where are Modo vehicles located?

+ How does Modo decide where to place vehicles?

Booking a Modo vehicle

+ How do I book Modo vehicles?

+ Do I need to book a vehicle in advance?

+ How long am I allowed to have a vehicle?

+ How do I end my booking?

+ How do I cancel a booking?

On the road with Modo

+ Do I need to inspect the vehicle before and after every booking?

+ Do I have to return my Modo to its home location?

+ What if I’m running late and can’t get a car back on time or want to keep it for a longer period?

+ What happens if I return a vehicle early?

+ How do I lock my Modo during and at the end of my booking?

+ Can another person drive during my booking?

+ What if I can't start the car?

+ Do I need to put fuel in the vehicle?

+ Am I responsible for cleaning Modo vehicles?

+ Do I have to pay for parking?

+ Can I bring my pet in a Modo?

+ Do I need to take my fob with me?

+ What if I get a ticket or get towed?

Accidents, damage and driving-related issues

+ What should I do if I’ve been in an accident?

+ What should I do if I damage the vehicle or discover new damage someone else has caused?

+ How does Modo’s insurance work?

+ What is Modo's Damage Fee?

+ Do I need to inspect my Modo vehicle at the start and the end of my booking?

+ How do I report pre-existing damage?

+ How do I take a good photo of damage?

+ Do I have to pay if damage occurs during my booking?

+ Can Business drivers enroll in the Damage Pool?

+ What do the numbered stickers on the vehicle mean?

+ What happens after damage is reported?


+ How much money can I save by carsharing with Modo?

+ I have a vehicle I want to scrap via the Scrap-It program—how does it apply?

+ Can I take a Modo vehicle across the border?

+ How can I retrieve something I forgot in the vehicle?

+ Need more help?