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A person sitting in the back hatch of a Modo car tying up their boot.

Modo for
personal use

Let go of car payments, parking, fuel and maintenance costs — all the things that tie you down with the illusion of freedom.

Modo is a carsharing co-op — a community of like-minded people who care about getting around in sustainable, flexible, inclusive ways.

Modo also means more vehicle choice, more plans, more trip types and more benefits.

Here's how it works.

Joining Modo

Sign up with Modo and get on the road to freedom from owning your own car. It’s easy.
Meet the eligibility requirements
The minimum requirements to join Modo can change based on your situation. But in most cases, if you hold a valid license and have a reasonably clean driving record for the past two years, Modo works for you. Check our FAQs for full details on membership eligibility.
Decide which membership is best for you
Before joining, decide which one of our plans works best for you (don’t worry, you can always change it later). Check out our plans page.
Gather your documents
To join Modo, you will need at least your valid driver’s license and your driving record for the past two years. You will also need a valid credit card OR be prepared to make an electronic bill payment, depending on which type of application you’re making. Check our FAQs for full details.
Register online
Once you have all your documents ready, register online here, dot your Is, cross your Ts and submit your application!
Get driving!
Congratulations! You're on your way to flexible and convenient shared mobility. Once your application is approved, you’ll get a membership number and your key fob will be mailed to the address you have on file with ICBC.

What to expect as a member

Your plan

This is your starting point, and depends on how you intend to use Modo.

Modo Plus

For members who want to invest in the co-op with ownership shares, voting rights and our best rates.

Modo Green

For learners or new drivers who want to practise their on-the-road skills or pass their exam.

Modo Associate

For when you want to add a partner, relative or roommate to your account.

Modo Monthly

For members who want to use Modo but are not ready to join in a co-op setting.
Pay a monthly administrative fee in lieu of a share purchase and still get full access to Modo's fleet and services.
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Your fleet

With Modo, you have access to a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles, from coupes to cargo vans, from compact EVs to hatchbacks. It's about carsharing for everyone, every way.

Daily drives

These are small passenger cars, such as hatchbacks and compacts. They can usually carry 1-3 passengers and a few bags. They’re great for getting around town to run errands, grab a coffee with friends, or bring someone special on a date night.

The Daily drives are the most affordable vehicles in Modo’s fleet, with the lowest driving rates.

Some examples of daily drives:

A white Kia Soul car with a modo logo on it for carsharing
A photo of a Hyundai Kona EV with a modo logo on it for carsharing

Large and loadable

These Modos are larger vehicles, such as SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans. They can usually carry 1-5 passengers and several bags and gear. They’re ideal for carrying passengers, group trips or getaways, running errands, work functions or as business event shuttles.

Modo’s large and loadable vehicles are available for an additional $2/hour.

Some examples of large and loadables:

A large modo SUV
A spacious modo SUV
A large Modo van
A small Modo truck


When you need a Modo that you can put to work, try our cargo vans. They can carry lots of gear or large items like furniture or landscaping supplies. They're a favourite of local businesses making deliveries and individual members moving or renovating their place.

Oversized Modos are available for an extra $5/hour.

Some examples of oversized:

An oversized modo van

What’s always included

Every booking comes with the essentials for a convenient journey on the road.

Illustration of a gas pump

Gas & EV Charge

No matter the distance, we cover your gas or EV charge! Use the Modo card at our partnered stations to gas up or charge our EVs at no cost. Always leave at least 1/4 tank of gas or plug in the EV back at its home location for the next member to use.

Illustration of an umbrella

Damage coverage

Your membership includes basic insurance. If an accident is the other party's fault, no damage fees apply. For added protection,  extra coverage options are available with our Damage Fee pool. See our FAQs for more information.

Illustration of a car at a parking meter


Park for free during your trip wherever allowed — you can find specifics here. Return the vehicle to its home location before the end of your booking.

Illustration of a sparkling car


Keeping our vehicles clean is a collective effort. Our team regularly clean the fleet but you can also book any vehicle in need of cleaning in exchange for up to $35 in driving time credit. Check out our cleaning program for more details.

Modo in your building

Modo has partnerships with many organizations, residential and office buildings in the areas where we operate, making it even easier to free yourself from the hassles of personal car ownership. If Modo is available in the building you live, work or study, you may be eligible to sign up for free and claim drive time credits. Then you’ll have access to Modo vehicles from the convenience of your home.
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Your trip

Modo works differently than a one-way carsharing service — no one-size-fits-all fleet here. Your needs are evolving throughout time and with Modo, you can pick the car that suits your plan! Book it online, pick it up and drop it off at its home location.

A person carrying shopping backs to the back of a Modo vehicle.
Set Return
a arrow to expand the card
  • Decide how long you need the vehicle
  • Pay the rates that apply to your plan
  • Gas/EV charge, basic insurance, maintenance always included
Two people standing outside a store with a Modo vehicle parked in front.
Open return trips
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  • Add flexibility to your booking for only $3
  • Your best option if you're not sure how long you need the vehicle for
  • Only pay for the time that you actually use
  • Use the car for up to 24 hours
A person entering a Modo car.
Day tripper
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  • Perfect for those longer trips like a weekend to Whistler
  • $100 per day for a Daily Drive and $135 for a Large & Loadable
  • Modo Plus Members get 500 kms for every 24 hours of booked time (all other Members get 250 kms)
  • Automatically applies to a qualifying booking
4 people carrying hiking gear walking towards a Modo vehicle.
Multi-day trips
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  • Book for up to 10 days and if you need a vehicle for longer than 10 days, get in touch and we can help you out
  • Always the fair price. We apply the Day Tripper rates or regular rates for your plan — whichever is lower
  • Take your Modo across the border
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